Located in Haverstraw, New York is a museum dedicated to preserving the memories of an era gone by.   

Haverstraw, NY, in Rockland County, was once a major brick making industry.   Many buildings in New York City are made with bricks manufactured in Haverstraw.

The mission of the Haverstraw Brick Museum is to collect, preserve, research and exhibit materials and cultures of the brick making industry within the Hudson River Valley.

Upcoming Events at the Museum


Calendar of events...............at The Haverstraw Brick Museum!

October 22, 2017 - Outstanding Latin Mothers in Rockland - Recently recognized by the El Clarin Newspaper, the Haverstraw Brick Museum will honor the mothers @ 2:00 pm.

November, 12, 2017 - Thanksgiving Program - A recently uncovered poem about Thanksgiving in Haverstraw will be read.  The poem, written in 1900 by an unknown author will take you back to simpler times.   Celebrate an olde fashioned Thanksgiving with the Brick Museum @ 2:00 pm.

Stay tuned for many exciting events coming up in 2017.


Wanted  -  Any old yearbooks from Haverstraw High School and old photographs of Haverstraw.   Any donations would be appreciated.
Did you attend Haverstraw High School?   Contact the Haverstraw Brick Museum to hold a mini reunion here at the Museum.           






On January 8, 1906 the great landslide of Haverstraw took place.  The worst disaster, to date, to strike the town left 19 people dead. 

100 years later the Haverstraw Brick Museum will pay tribute & remember that tragic event, with a memorial brick walk monument.

To contribute or purchase an engraved brick for the monument walk, download the below form.   

(For further details on upcoming events please call the museum office (845) 947-3505)

Landslide Memorial Brick Walk form